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If your farm or business is in need of machinery and/or equipment, leasing from Lyons Federal Bank could be the answer to your need without significant capital expense.

Leasing helps improve your cash flow by providing 100% financing on vehicles and equipment, and allows you to keep bank credit lines available for other credit needs.

Leasing may offer various tax benefits, depending upon your business and the nature of your use of the vehicle or equipment.

Farm or Business Leasing Services are available for a variety of needs:

  • Improves cash flow while conserving working capital (reduces your initial cash outlay).
  • Fixed payments during the full term of your lease provides protection against rising interest rates.
  • Payment of sales tax is spread out over the life of the lease agreement.
  • Fights inflation with no down payment today and payments made with future dollars.
  • Allows you to keep bank credit lines available for other needs.
  • We offer a variety of programs available to meet most any leasing need.